I use the combination of art and research to explore ideas
about identity, social roles and power relations. Who are we
in this big world? What does it mean exist as human? What does
it mean to become a man or a woman?

The mix between art and research is conceptualized into
what I call Art Blended Research (Hällgren, 2015). Basically,
Art Blended Research is an approach to knowledge and
draws on the insight of that there is more to see than meets the eye.
The strength of this approach, however, does not lie in the
ability to explain what is. Instead, the strength of Art Blended Research
is found in possible explorations and inspirations of what might be.

To create my photos I work with macro technique, 12 millimeters
model train figures and everyday items. I also add oddity,
existentialism and theories about power, gender and identity. There
may also be dimensions of satire, love and sympathy.
Big issues on a small scale.

Camilla Hällgren

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There is a printed, registered, signed, numbered and limited edition,
of my images (sized 60×70 cm) available through the well renowned
Swedish Gallery Andersson Sandström.