Camilla Hällgren lives in Umeå, Sweden, where she works as artist and Associate Professor at Umeå University.

Since 2010 her artwork is represented at a large number of public institutions in Sweden, e.g. The National Public Art Council, Borås Museum of Modern Art, Linköping Arthall and several municipalities and county councils (see account below). The pictures that are included in her chapter in the book Invisible Boy, was shown at the Arthall Sliperiet in Borgvik, May 2 – September 27, 2015.  For several years she has been collaborating with the well renowned gallery Andersson/Sandström in Sweden. Through them, her work is available in a limited and numbered edition. In October 2015 it was also decided that three of her images would be included in Lumas’ global network with over forty galleries all over the world. In spring 2017 eighteen of her artworks was selected as the artistic decoration of the House of Heroes (Hjältarnas hus), which is a temporary home for families where someone is in need of hospital care for a long time. Later, in autumn 2017 another Swedish public institution included nineteen of her pictures in their art collection.

Selected Publications by Camilla Hällgren:

Selected Media Coverage:

Her artwork has been acquired by the following public institutions:

  1. Statens konstråd [The National Public Art Council]
  2. Hjältarnas hus [House of Heroes]
  3. Borås Museum of Modern Art
  4. Haninge konsthall
  5. Strandverkets konsthall
  6. Passagen Linköpings konsthall
  7. Sundsvalls museum
  8. Västerås konstmuseum
  9. Eskilstuna konstmuseum
  10. Gävle konstmuseum
  11. Eskilstuna kommun
  12. Jönköpings kommun
  13. Kulturkontoret Uppsala kommun
  14. Kultur och fritid i Östersunds kommun
  15. Luleå kommun
  16. Linköpings kommun
  17. Skellefteå kommun
  18. Umeå kommun
  19. Uppsala kommun
  20. Norsjö kommun
  21. Knivsta kommun
  22. Länskultur Gävleborgs
  23. Region Dalarna
  24. Region Jönköpings län
  25. Region Sörmland
  26. Kultur i region Uppsala
  27. Katrineholms kommun
  28. Region Värmland
  29. Region Västerbotten
  30. Region Västernorrland
  31. Region Västmanland
  32. Region Västra Götaland
  33. Region Östergötland
  34. Region Örebro län
  35. Örebro kommun
  36. Östhammars kommun
  37. Yara konstföreninglänskultu
  38. Västerbottens konstförening
  39. Handelsbankens konstförening
  40. SPP Konstförening
  41. Länsförsäkringar i Västerbotten
  42. Swedbank i Västerbotten


Awards to Little Sweden Art on Instagram

  • Amselcom Family who shows ”the most unique artist on Instagram”
  • Three awards from The Josh Johnson forum, a community of 650 000 members. Little Sweden Art was awarded and recognised as ”…definitely thinking out of the typical macro box” and as ”something out of the ordinary.”
  • By the Friends of the World Group who ”Awards worldwide beautiful shots”
  • Winner of the What Eye Cee Group
  • Rebel Macro Finalist
  • Kwaii of the day